• The Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council are proud corporate sponsors of the 2014 Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival.


    We recognise the past, present and future importance of mining to Queenstown, the West Coast and the rest of Tasmania.

  • Our people work in the main outside the city limits, live in smaller communities and provide the support for the local school, medical centre and sports club and the cashflow for the corner shop and the mechanic to prosper.

  • The minerals industry is vital to Tasmania’s economy.

    It employs more than 5000 Tasmanians and represents nearly 50% of our total state exports.


  • We can talk about the billions of dollars the minerals trade earns the nation in exports.  Or the half-a-billion dollars or more spent on goods and services each year with smaller Tasmanian businesses. 

    But it comes down to people really.

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Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council

TMEC is the representative organisation for the exploration, mining and mineral processing industries in Tasmania. It counts among its members all of the main mines and mineral processing operations.

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