• Mining is vital to Tasmania’s economy.

    It employs more than 5000 Tasmanians and represents nearly 50% of our total state exports.


  • Tasmania has an annual minerals emergency response competition.

    The Minerals Emergency Response Teams contribute to the local community by responding and assisting in road accident emergencies, national park and bush land fire protection and fire fighting and bushwalker rescue as well as any mining/ minerals accidents.

  • Tasmania has some of the best minerals emergency response in the country and it is the only State to share a universal emergency 555 number.

  • Keith Corbett is a veteran Geologist and a World Authority on Tasmania’s Mt Read Volcanics Belt, West Coast.

    "There are misperceptions of the Tarkine especially on the mainland."

    "It's a perfectly natural decision for mining in the Tarkine, I'm delighted by the government's decision," Keith says.

  • In 2013 the main political parties and the ten councils of Tasmania’s Cradle Coast Authority publically showed their support for modern mining in the Tarkine.

    This was on top of the four unprecedented pro mining rallies that around 10,000 people attended in regional Tasmania in 2013.

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Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council

Tasmanian Minerals Council is the representative organisation for the exploration, mining and mineral processing industries in Tasmania. It counts among its members all of the main mines and mineral processing operations.

Tasmanian Mining

Tasmanian Mining is the official website for the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council.

Tasmanian Mining includes a pro-active campaign advocating and supporting the Tasmanian mining and mineral processing industry.

Mining Rehabilitation Images

Modern mining in Tasmania and Australia operates within an era of strict environmental practices and major rehabilitation. Some of the rehabilitation examples can be viewed here.

Voice of the People

A major part of the Tasmanian Mining campaign is providing everyday people with a voice in the debate over the future of their livelihood and the State's industry, particularly mining.